Indie Folk-Pop Artist


The Short Story

Hullo! I'm Korbe Canida, a Singer-Songwriter from Phoenix Arizona. The best way I've found to describe my sound is Acoustic Indie-Folk-Rock. I'm currently in the beginning stages of recording my first album. 

The Sound

Since I started writing and performing I've been asked what kind of music I play. This question is always sort of nerve wracking to answer because I rarely decide what a song is going to sound like before its done, and when its done I'm usually pretty surprised by how it sounds. As I learn and expose myself to new genres and styles I become influenced and my sound and songwriting style shifts accordingly. I've always considered my sound a little folky with a heavy emphasis on the lyrics and vocals, but in the past year I've been writing music with a slightly harder edge. I often joke that my style is just a little too hard for Folk and a little too soft for Rock, so I'm somewhere in the middle. 

The Slightly Longer Story

As my mother likes to tell it, I've been singing since before I could talk, it has always been my passion. I started out in elementary school choirs and talent shows. I had a passionate love affair with musical theater in high school before I began to feel underwhelmed by the format and moved my attention elsewhere.

I moved from Phoenix to New York City in 2010 for school and I quickly realized that my life was a much darker place without music. Since I was no longer interested in choir or musical theater I did what any broke college kid in New York does and begged my parents for a guitar for Christmas. Luckily for me my mother sent me home with a hand-me-down guitar and I began playing and writing right away. After a very cliche year of being holed up practicing and writing in my Brooklyn apartment for my own amusement I was pushed to break my guitar out and perform my original material in front of people. I played my first open mic on January 1st of 2012 and vowed to do at least one open mic per week for the entire year. It was a crazy year. I found that between my day job and class schedule I was living for my open mic nights, regardless of the fact that they were filled with musicians and singers who were far more advanced and experienced than I. The artists that I met during that year inspired and pushed me to pursue what I love and I am eternally grateful, they helped me to develop a sense of security and confidence in my music and style. 

After school I relocated back home to Phoenix and continued to write and perform at open mics, which slowly became opener spots for other local bands, and recently has evolved into full three-hour professional spots in the local music scene. I've begun the process of collaborating with other musicians and songwriters as I continue to explore my writing style and voice. Its been a pretty exciting ride so far. 



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