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Back on the Ball

Last week was one of those weeks. Okay maybe its been a couple consecutive weeks, but who is counting? Okay, the answer is Me. I'm totally counting. But its cool because the countdown is over, and its time to get back on the ball as the little inspirational sign I made myself after a few drinks last night clearly states. After a lot of stress and anxiety over things that are in all reality quite out of my control, I've decided to take a nice dose of serenity and do my damnedest to let it go. No more sitting around feeling sorry for myself. No more blaming my guitar for being so damn hard to play instead of actually practicing. No more hoping that maybe if I close my eyes and ignore all of the BBEG's in my life that they will all roll critical misses and slay themselves and I will magically level up without ever having to leave my bed. No more Dungeons and Dragons references that alienate my audience and don't really make sense. No more silly tangents that do nothing but distract me from my core purpose. 

It is time to shift the focus. To get specific about what I want, and to really think about why I want it. And then to subsequently start to take action into making it happen. I need to stop looking for inspiration to find its way to me, I want to inspire myself.  Its time to start looking at my schedule and remember that it is full of potential. An empty block of time in my afternoon should not be automatically Netflix time because I have nothing else going on (which has totally been the case of late); it should be a springboard into infinite possibilities. Whatever that means. Time to get those emails sent, and that show schedule updated. Time to pick up a paintbrush and go to a spoken word event again. Time to start a new project or learn a new song. 

Time to start tackling things on the to-do list.

Time to fill up the blocks in my schedule and the pages in my journal. 

Time to get back on the ball. 



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