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Why I'm in no hurry to monetize

I've been talking with a handful of people about how they think it is absolutely crucial for me to be making money for my online content at this stage in my career. Those of you who have been following my career for awhile now have been insisting that you want the opportunity to pay for the tracks that I've made available. To other business minded individuals in my support system, monetization is a step that they think I should be making for my overall career arc. And I am so exceptionally flattered that this is the feedback I've been getting. Really, the fact that there are people out there ready and willing to spend their money on the things that I've created is absolutely mind blowing to me.

To those wonderful people who have pushed me to capitalize I say thank you for your encouragement, support, and guidance, but for right now I think I will pass.  It is not that I don't value the art that I create, or that I couldn't use the money at this juncture. Its not that I'm too lazy. Okay, maybe its a little bit laziness if I'm being really honest (the logistics and paperwork process for buying rights and doing youtube partnership deals is really intimidating to me). I'm not interested in charging for my music right now because I simply want to get the music out there. I want to share it with as many people as possible, and if people like it I hope they will stick around for more. 

Trust me, there will come a time when there will be plenty of things for you all to throw your money at, a time for full studio albums, merchandise, and concert tickets, but right now I just want you all to get the opportunity to enjoy my music on your own terms. 

So thank you so much for everything, and enjoy what is to come! I've attached a link down below to my cover of Chandelier on Soundcloud that you can download for free, as well as the new video on youtube! Share if you like it and enjoy as you will!




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