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How to [not] write a blog post: A guide by Korbe Canida

Step 1: Sit down at the laptop with enthusiasm and a time-limit. 

Step 2: Decide what you want to write about. It could be anything. It could be about how incredible the Sidepony Express Music Festival in Bisbee was. Or how about a nice Thanksgiving piece. Or perhaps an in depth blog about letting go of the ridiculous notion that there is a predictable path to success as an artist. 

Step 3: Write about it. Like a lot. 

Step 4: Get self-conscious about your written voice and complete lack of regard for conventional grammar norms and made up words and run on sentences and delete a bunch of what you've written. 

Step 5: Say fuck and rewrite basically the same exact thing. 

Step 6: Look at the clock and realize that you have to wrap this whole writing thing up in like 10 minutes. 

Step 7: Realize you have no clue what the end of this post is even supposed to look like. You have no clue what the end of the day is going to look like, how can you possibly find a good way to end this blog post? Could the metaphorical resonance of a premature ending on a blog post going to impact all of the awesome things happening right now in real life? Am I reading into this way too much? Is this all just a procrastination tactic? 

Step 8:  Decide not to risk it. Give yourself the creative space to mull things over in your head a little bit and come back to it later when you've thought of something really good. Save to drafts folder.

Step 9: Go live life. Be bombarded with new things to write about. Be thankful for all of the crazy amazing things that are happening. Try to keep up with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because even if you can't blog all the time you have to at least be connected on the other platforms. Completely forget to think of a cool ending for that blog post.

Step 10: Remember that you haven't updated your blog in awhile. Realize that in the time that has passed your life has changed so much that you kind of have a lot to cover. There is a new car, a new single, a music video shoot, a Kickstarter launch, a tour to announce. Those things need to be covered. But how to start? 

Step 11: Return to step 1. Repeat as many times as it takes to finally finish a post. 



So many, many things are taking place right now. 
I am in complete and total awe. 
I went to the Sidepony Express Music Festival in Bisbee in November and it was the catalyst I needed to shift my mindset from "maybe one day" to "why the hell not yesterday?" 
The response from the festival goers and the performances by the other artists there was so inspiring that I decided it was time to actively try to get out of my own way. So I did. This is the extremely truncated and mostly chronological version of what has been happening in Korbe Canida land since: 

Two weeks after the festival I finally bought a car. I've been without my own vehicle for over a year and a half (my mother is a saint) and I was really limited in how far I could travel for shows because of it. Now I've got a new, reliable car with plenty of space and good gas mileage. A journalist who saw me perform at Sidepony Express reached out and wanted to write an article for local magazine and wanted to know if I had a CD or anything big that she could promote (that article should be printing next month, I'll make sure you all get the memo when its done). I had recorded an acoustic collection with one of my best friends Jared Hacmac just prior to him packing up and moving across the country. The tracks had started to come back from being mixed and even though I only had a few at the time I knew that they were perfect for my first EP, so ready or not I told the journalist that planned to release the EP in January. I paid for the copyright and released The Siren and The Sailor as the title track and single for her to promote in the article. Then a friend in LA invited me out for her birthday in January and offered a place to stay, and I figured that it was a perfect excuse to plan a tour. So I started sending out emails to venues. I met with my wonderful friend Ariel of the band Sister Lip who had planned multiple tours already by herself, and she gave me the  rundown on how the whole DIY tour thing works as well as providing me with a list of venues to start with. I needed merch. I randomly met an artist with the skill and style that was completely in line with my dream EP cover. He is currently working on the piece and I am so excited to share it with all of you. Designs for Tshirts and Stickers started popping into my head. I started researching costs for screen printing, cd duplication, and misc merch. I quickly realized I didn't have the capitol to make that happen by the end of January. So I launched a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter campaign is already almost completely funded in less than 4 days ($55 shy as I'm writing this). I'm fine tuning the list of reach goals that I was too afraid to ask for because apparently my confidence in myself hasn't quite reached the confidence that others seem to have in me just yet. My wonderful film-maker friend Bonnie Sowle heard The Siren and The Sailor and asked if she could do the music video for it, so tomorrow morning we are packing up a bunch of nautical themed goodies and headed to Prescott to film all day. Emails have been slowly trickling in from the 150 or so that I sent to venues on the west coast for tour. I've got 9 confirmed shows and counting which I will announce with its own blog post sometime next week. I'm already planning my second tour in my head and the first one hasn't even started yet, depending on how successful the kickstarter is I will be able to concretely confirm a substantially larger tour. I am fielding emails and planning couch surfing spots and corresponding with artists in different cities. I keep meeting people from around the country who after 15 minutes of chatting after shows or at coffee shops have confidently offered places to stay and friends to talk to on my behalf to help organize venues to play. 

Life is literally moving so fast I barely have a moment to document it. I promise I'm trying. For my sake if nothing else so I can remember to listen and let go, to do the work and not be attached to a particular outcome, to trust that if I show up and be present and connect with people that I will find myself exactly where I need to be, even if its not where I thought I wanted to be. Stay tuned in. Who knows what will happen between now and next time. 


Copyright Korbe Canida 2015