Indie Folk-Pop Artist

Just checking in!

The tour has been so wonderful so far. 
Making connections and meeting people, performing in music venues, coffee shops, and on street corners. Sharing food and drink and company with new friends and old. 
I've never really been on an adventure like this before, just jumping in the car and going, figuring things out as I go along. So far I've been really fortunate to not have many hiccups, fate has treated me very kindly so far. Except for getting my car towed a few days ago, that wasn't very fantastic, but I was planning for something of that nature to happen at some point, and in the grand scheme of things it could have been much, much worse. 
Mostly I'm just so filled with gratitude to the people who have opened their homes and their hearts to me, who have made me feel welcome in these strange cities and shared with me more than I could possibly ask for. Their time, their food, their beds, their stories, their clothes (my wardrobe grows with almost every stop), their echinacea drops and tea (I'm feeling a little under the weather today), their support and love. 
I've got a few more days in this beautifully hectic city of Los Angeles, from here I rally forth to Ventura, and then to Monterey. 
Lots of pictures and video are trickling in from the shows, and I'll be doing a big post with a bunch of stuff from tour soon, but I wanted to check in and say hello, I miss you lovelies of the internet with wifi is not always readily available and data is limited. 
For those that worry and wonder if I'm safe, I promise I'm alive, and very very happy. 


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