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Happy New Year

Hey Lovelies! 

I hope you’ve all had and continue to have wonderful holiday celebrations! 

Sorry for being MIA, its been a hell of an end to 2018. 

Tldr: I seriously hurt my wrist and had to cancel a bunch of shows, but my recovery is almost done and I’ve got lots of stuff planned for January!

Gigging so much this year was such an incredible blessing until it wasn’t. Hauling speakers and playing guitar for so many hours each week has been taking its toll on my physical health. Playing next to receptionists and tv screens in precariously packed places has been taking its toll on my spirit. Ace bandages, ice packs, and panic attacks have been commonplace between sets for awhile and it’s been exhausting.

I had already put in my notice in November with some of my regular venues and decided to change up my work load in January, I was just trying to make it to the new year. But of course after continuing to work on a minor stress injury in my wrist for several weeks, I managed to be my clumsy self and completely put my left hand out of commission for awhile. This meant a mad scramble to cancel all of my December shows and a metric ton of guilt and anxiety on top of a swollen, useless left wrist.

I was luckily talked out of doing permanent damage and insisting that the shows must go on by my therapist, friends, and family, and I’m incredibly grateful I listened. 

So I cleared the schedule and stressed about whether I’d ever be able to book with any of the venues I’d had to cancel with again and decided that there was nothing to be done about it until I was better so I should just focus on getting better and not having panic attacks. 

That was a few weeks ago the beginning of December. The panicked voice in my head that says I’ve forgotten about a show or that I’m a failure as an artist is starting to quiet.  I’ve got my loop station set up in my bedroom and I’ve been writing and rearranging again. I feel like shooting a video isn’t impossible because I’ve got time to clean my house and fix my hair and learn a new editing trick. I really miss playing shows, but I needed a chance to miss it because honestly I’ve been dreading it for awhile. 

I’ll be sprinkling shows in starting in January, my guitar ban lifts at midnight and I’ve been rapidly expanding my loop list during my recovery time. Keep your eyes peeled for more YouTube videos. I’ve got a couple in the making that I’m really excited about! 

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 


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